Frequently Asked Questions

POSITRON is a software and website development company. It provides high quality and affordable software and website solutions at the regional as well as national level and is committed to taking the problem-solving technology to the next level every day. Over the past few years, we have done a lot of research and development on the product and introduced the “Adhyapana Management System”. It focuses on web-based ERP software in schools, colleges, and any educational institution. Our main goal is to fully digitize any educational institution so that they can manage their institute with ease.

Adhyapana ERP is the smart and multi-functional Web application as well as Mobile app that covers all the departments of the school. It provides seamless integration services into one system serving various functions & departments of any organizations in a unified manner. There are numbers of benefits of using Schoolbird, some of them are:

  • To speed up various tasks across the institution system and offers modules from student robust features that benefit educators, students, and staff.
  • This ERP solution that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, it automates the entire student life-cycle — integrating admissions, registration, student billing, financial aid, student services and more into a single system that even includes built-in, self-service portals, all operating on a single, secure shared database.
  • Integrates all departments, teachers, students, and administrators.
  • It enables everyone to benefit from readily available data shared in real-time, boosting efficiency and reducing the number of systems an institution maintains, all while also eliminating redundant data.
Yes, it can be customized for your school. For that, you need to talk to our customer care staff and they will do what you need so that you do not feel the difference between our system and the existing system.
Building a database is hard work. POSITRON secures it. POSITRON employs full data audit trails and role-based security, allowing users to manage access with a high degree of granularity — by the record, by course, by the student and by an object. Additionally, POSITRON uses a secure socket layer — SSL — for communications and encryption.
Adhyapana ERP is a system that is a big step towards any Educational Institution automation. After installing Adhyapana ERP forget manual work and so that your workload gets reduced. There are many excellent features available in the application. Administrators can handle their Institution very smoothly. Teachers can properly communicate with Parents. Parents can get each and every information about the school as well as their child.
We will set up ERP as per the need of the school and provide online training to manage the software at all times. It’s absolutely free for a month, if you’re not interested in continuing the ERP after a month, you can turn it off. After one month you have to pay as per month for each student. Our billing cycle is every calendar month. You will see a billing notification in your ERP system from 25 to 30 months per month. You need to transfer the money on the due date and your service will continue for the next month.
Yes, there are separate role-based login for Administrator, Accountants, Principal, Teachers, Librarian, Hostel Warden, Transport Department Head and Parents.
Yes, we do. We will provide training through any desk or TeamViewer, phone. We will also be available anytime via WhatsApp Group.
Source Codes, Server Credential’s exclusive legal owner is POSITRON. These information including ( Cpanel, Password, FTP Login etc. ) cannot be shared with You in any circumstances.
Adhyapana Management System is bundle of incredible features and functionalities. This application focuses on improving productivity and responsibility of the overall school management with higher accountability of manpower, money and performance. It successfully does school management, Attandence Management,ID Card and report Card Generation, classroom management, library management, it manages a complete curriculum & provides real-time data, bus tracking etc.

Adhyapana ERP is applicable for Any types of Schools like CBSE, ICSE, ICE, IB and All State Boards. It is also applicable for any Colleges and Educational Institutions. One can customize it as per their Needs.

Adhyapana ERP is a complete online application, as it is communicating faculty, students, administrators and parents to give up-to-date information through a web application as well as mobile apps.
Yes. All student information is easily accessible. All history of each student such as class, department, payment details, report card, attendance, etc. is available from the time they leave until they leave school. It maintains the database of all staff from their joining to leave/retirement.
It empowers you to:
  • Record Application Distribution
  • Manage Student Information Efficiently
  • Record Student Billing and Payments
  • Automatically maintain Grades
  • CCE enabled for CBSE institutions
  • Analyse the Performance of a class as a whole and school
We create a WhatsApp group with our development team for the institute. In that group we give the solutions to any questions about Adhyapana ERP, we respond it promptly.
Yes. First, the school needs to tie up with a payment gateway service provider to get a merchant ID. We will then integrate Adhyapana ERP with the payment gateway service provider.
Requirement List for ERP Software of a School / College / Educational Institutions:
  1. Class wise and Section wise Students Details
  2. Teachers and Other Staffs Details
  3. Fees Structure
  4. Students Payments Details
  5. Examinations Schedule Throughout the Academic Year
  6. Class Teachers List
  7. Subject wise Teachers List
  8. School Logo
  9. School Name, Address and Contact Details
  10. School Picture (1024px X 768px)
As soon as you post any issue to our WhatsApp group (you people and our technical guys) we try to get you clear with your issues quickly. We understand the value of your time, our support services are very quick and we are always ready to help you.