Transport Management System


This module tracks and maintains all the details related to transportation which includes vehicle name, route details, transportation fees etc. which is created easiness to maintain details about transportation data also transport fee collection is quite easy of the predefined structure.

Inbuilt School Transportation Features:-

  1. Easy to upload data for the route (Pick up/ Drop off) with all transportation details.
  2. Vehicle/ class / Student wise transportation setting
  3. Provision to instantly inform parents with SMS/Voice Call notification for any kind of changes in the vehicle schedule
  4. Option to collect fees monthly, weekly and daily
  5. Transportation fees collection report and due report are maintained properly


About Transport Management

Our Transportation management system uses online software to manage transport operations for organizations including schools and educational institutes. It helps in controlling the day to day processes involved in transportation and makes real-time execution of the transportation system a lot easier.
  • Safety And Peace Of Mind To The Parents
  • Exact Scheduling
  • Improved Routing
  • Improved tracking of the school bus
  • Consolidated reports
  • Bus Fees Tracking