It's Time to Make SAFER & SMARTER


In the recent past school administrations across the country have been facing unfortunate Incidents vis a vis student within the school premises. In fact, a few affiliated boards have made it compulsory for schools to take precautionary measures for the safety of children.
In this light, POSITRON has introduced its high-end IOT platform, which will enable principals and the school administration to locate Individual students, particularly In the restricted zones within the school premises. In fact, this technology is for more scientific, specific and advanced In its application and usage compared to the CCTV and other surveillance devices currently installed in schools. 
Internet of Things (IOT) is a network of interconnected devices that can be sensors, electronic or computers. These devices collect and Exchange information based on which pre-programmed actions can happen or informed decisions can be taken.

About Our Security System

Under this platform, a School ID Card and Gateways are deployed in a network of Bluetooth beacon, Wi-Fi and GPS. These Gateways will receive data from the child's ID card for further processing by this application engine on Cloud. The data is then processed based on pre-defined triggers and alerts are generated. Interestingly, there is no need for a mobile application for the above since alerts can be sent via SMS/Email. Furthermore, mobile applications can be used to monitor student data such as attendance for other relevant and important information where the application is a convenient method of checking verification.
Meanwhile, the student dashboard enabled with a heat map (location of students represented by dots on a map) is more convenient to read on a computer screen whenever there is a necessity or an emergency such as fire, or if the child gets unconscious and so on.
Our technology, thus, is a groundbreaking innovation that will help school owners and administration heads to ensure the safety and security of children to a whole new level at home and overseas.

Why Our Security System for Schools?

Daily, parents entrust schools with the care of their children and need assurance that they will be safe.

But how do schools ensure this?
How do schools assure safety of every student all the time? How do they know something happened or about to happen?
Our technology knows

The BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) based Our ID card system tracks students, providing concerned authorities with alerts, analytics and security.

Wearing our ID card, makes each student easily identifiable and tracks their location.

Wearing the ID card, makes each student easily identifiable and tracks their location, from the moment they get on school bus.

...and recording when they arrive at school.

We follows student, including taking attendance when they enter class, saving teachers' valuable time.

This ID Card also becomes part of the students daily life, even streamlining transactions at the cafeteria and canteen.

Unlike CCTV based surveillance system with hours of videos footage but no real information, Our technology provides real time, actionable intelligence and reports.

... alerts are generated immediately and cameras are activated if available.

... and a mishap can be averted.

If a child enters a restricted zone every time the designated staff will be alerted.

Our technology can also identify gathering of known problem students allowing staff to intervene.

During a crisis, Our technology can account for every student instantaneously. For example, if there's a fire or a bomb threat, you can confirm if all students have evacuated.

At the end of the day parents receive an alert, letting them know the school bus is approaching.

... and school gets notification that all children have been dropped home.

Even when a child is not at school or the school bus, parents can track their where about through built-in GPS in the ID cards.