Student Management System


Manages all the stages in the admissions process (Marketing, Recruitment and Application Processing) so that prospects get the attention they deserve. Our SIS helps you reach out and follow up with prospective students in a timely manner and ensure they don’t get lost.
Our strong retention program helps your Institution minimize the risk of students not completing their programs. With retention scoring, academic alerts, degree auditing, judicial tracking, student attendance and grade management, you’ll always stay on top of their academic progress.
Keeping all your data updated and in-synch is one of the main benefits of an integrated student information system like Campus Cafe. All your departments will have real-time access to key data when they need it and our audit system keeps track of all changes so you can easily make necessary corrections.
Generate comprehensive reports that provide a transparent view of your entire Institution. For example, combining student performance and admissions demographics data can help you determine which programs, geographies and student personas are performing best to more effectively allocate Institution resources going forward.
Easily manage billing and payment collection functions to maximize your cash flow and profitability. Our automated mailings and notifications, streamline the workflow for administrators and give students access to an easy-to-use portal so they can view billing statements and make payments online.
One of the most important benefits of our student information system is enabling the efficient use of your administrative staff. Many small to mid-sized Institutions fall into the trap of purchasing separate software components that do not share information, and then find unnecessary man-hours are required re-entering data and keeping data synced across all departments.

About Student Management System

Adhyapana Management System is a transformative student experience platform designed to harness the power of the Cloud and AI. Created to go beyond ‘next generation’, the Adhyapana Management System platform delivers staff and students the solutions and tools they need to succeed in the ever-evolving world of education. Edge is a platform that is not only beautifully easy to use but is also designed from the ground up to power the future of education.  

The Adhyapana Management System platform ushers in new world of innovative solutions and services and is different in many ways:   

1. Powerfully intelligent
Utilising an innovative and industry-leading cloud architecture means that artificial intelligence is built into the very core of the Adhyapana Management System platform helping students reach their full potential.  

2. Designed productivity 
Spend less time on admin and more time with students thanks to a simplified, optimised and effortless user experience.  

3. Open and collaborative 
A series of published open APIs ensures that the Adhyapana Management System platform can seamlessly integrate not only with Tribal solutions, but with third-party applications too.  

4. Always up to date 
As a pure SaaS (Software as a Service) platform, Adhyapana Management System removes the need to buy and maintain servers. Continuous updates mean you are always on the latest and most secure version. The ability to toggle new features on/off gives you complete control over when they are released to users. This means no downtime, minimal impact and greatly simplified IT administration.  

5. Secure 
The Adhyapana Management System platform has been built from the ground up with security in mind, incorporating global security standards and advanced threat protection. Securely encrypted and entirely georedundant, Adhyapana Management System gives you peace of mind, especially in answering regulatory requirements such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).